Review: The Secret of Oz

Review by Benjamin James
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Review: The Secret of Oz


Above: Screenshot from documentary The Secret of Oz.

The Secret of Oz

There is nothing in the world now as retoxing, as the global economy. Currently world leaders are attempting to stimulate the global economy by borrowing money and giving it to banks. The same banks that had been selling toxic loans to each other that nearly bankrupted them are being handed loans by Governments to retox themselves. How did we get to this seemingly ridiculous situation and what does it have to do with Dorothy, Winged Monkeys and The Wizard of Oz?

Bill Still’s award winning documentary The Secret of Oz is one of the world’s best kept secrets and once you watch this documentary you will understand the mainstream banks, politicians and media outlets do not want you to see it. Bill Still does for the banking crisis what Michael Moore did for the Iraq war. He brings the subject to life and makes the complex process of global banking clear and simple to understand.

Dorothy wakes up in Oz and follows a yellow brick road to an Emerald City, before finding the city she has to slay the Witch herself. You probably thought it was just a children’s story, but in the original book the author had a much deeper meaning. When L Frank Baum wrote the Wonderful Wizard of Oz he was reflecting on his own experiences of an American depression and Dorothy’s ruby slippers where actually silver in the book. There is a very important reason why they were silver and even more so why they were changed to ruby, but I am not going to give away The Secret of Oz.

Banking disasters and recessions are certainly not new and Bill Still takes you on a journey through banking controversies from the time of the Romans, the American Revolution and up to the modern day. But what has this to do with the yellow brick road? Well there was a time when all money was linked to gold, the idea being that you could redeem your notes for gold at a bank. That is the last hint we are giving you though!

Bill shows you how almost all the money in the world is now created by debt from Fractional Reserve Lending. This is money created by banks from thin air and lent to governments, people and companies. As you will see in The Secret of Oz this system leaves the citizens of the world constantly in debt and at the mercy of the whims of bankers. He will also show you how the system was exploited by banks before eventually collapsing and causing recessions.

Consider this; the USA currently has to borrow money just to pay the interest on its national debt. Most other countries are following suit in this borrowing and spend approach to economic reform. As one of the financial experts in The Secret of Oz says "You cannot drink yourself sober", we have all tried that though!

You can watch The Secret of Oz for free on YouTube on the below link. Banking and economics is not complicated and Bill has a solution for today’s financial disaster which has worked for Abraham Lincoln, The Romans and currently North Dakota! Governments need to take control of their money supply, even in the USA this is not the case. The US Federal Reserve is actually a private bank, lending money to the US Government and people, charging interest and leaving the USA in constant debt.

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

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The Secret of Oz is an intelligent, well researched and informative look at the current financial troubles facing the world and all of our futures. Bill Still foresaw the impending financial doom that hit us in 2008 after the bubble burst; he was ignored then.

This funny and educational film is a must see for anyone who wants to understand the financial crisis of today.

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