Iris Van Herpen Spring Summer 2013: The future of fashion

Iris Van Herpen SS13 Review by Rhiannon Chown
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Iris Van Herpen SS13

There is no doubt that the Spring Summer 2013 collection by Iris Van Herpen is stunningly dramatic. The stark contrast of the monochrome colour scheme is beautifully stylish and elegant whilst having an incredible cutting edge feel. Every single thought was made with this dramatic feel in mind to create an intense catwalk show.

Setting the scene

The beginning light show sets the scene for the performance to come: sparks of static electricity radiate from a single golden figure shining out from the pitch black of the show. Such an electric opening as this for any other catwalk show might’ve missed the mark but for Iris Van Herpen’s show, it is perfection. Music that’s almost eerie and hypnotic begins and the models start to appear.

Full Iris Van Herpen SS13 fashion show in HD (720p), including original soundtrack.

Colour scheme

The intensity of the opening was a seamless precursor for the collection. By sticking to the simple monochrome colour scheme, the garments are somehow more striking than if they were splashed with neon and candy colours. It also ties the whole collection together and creates a fluid movement between each piece as it glides down the catwalk. Similarly each model is styled with the same hair, a simple yet complex creation that adds interest whilst not detracting from the garments at the same time.

Shapes and style

The collection is far from ordinary, yet it oozes classic elegance and sophistication. The shapes of some of the dresses are not that far removed from classic tailoring but the attention to detail is what really sets them apart from the rest. Intricate patterns and minuscule cut out sections create almost architectural inspired shapes in the garments whilst the addition of the startled fur-like fabric reminds the audience that it’s a fashion show that they’ve come to watch.

Electric inspiration

Inspiration has clearly been taken from electricity throughout the whole collection, starting with the light show and continuing through into the designs of the garments. The dagger-sharp points in the designs are incredibly dramatic and exciting whilst still looking enticingly fashion forward. Hardly surprising considering this collection is about as fashion forward as it gets. The collection is made up of dresses that have been printed in 3D, an idea which barely even seems possible. Yet here it is, the future of fashion, perhaps the future of every industry, being pioneered by Iris Van Herpen.


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