Did you know there is a beer called Hobgoblin?

January 2011

The Retox Beer review, by resident beer expert J. Anonymous

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Hobgoblin Beer!


Hobgoblin The Beer

Nothing in life is as retoxifying or as wonderful in life as beer. Endless taste pleasures are found in beer, along with a happy feeling. Friends are made over beer, wars are won with beer and love is found with beer.

There are many great breweries in the UK producing flavoursome, beautiful beers of character, so get away from the chemically produced lagers from the big brewers.

Beers fall into many camps and will be rated on a scale from, 1 (1 = Erggh! Dish Water) to 10 (10 = Replace my blood with this glorious liquid).

The Home of Hobgoblin

Brewer, Wychwood, a fantastic small brewery making handmade, unique beers fit for world leaders.

Hobgoblin beer bottle

More power to Hobgoblin!

So good David Cameron gave one to Obama, honest! The first time I discovered this wonderful beer I was trekking home from a 0-3 home defeat of my football team and popped into a shop and picked up a random beer to drink on the way home. Hobgoblin performs an amazing trick, despite being stored chilled, it tastes warm and warms you once you drink it. It leaves a wonderful warm and spicy and tangy taste in the mouth. The overall flavour combines chocolates, toffees, with citrus infusions along with a biscuit like undertaste.

Amazingly the one mouthful will give you a variety of perfectly balanced and differing tastes making a truly unique and wonderful drinking experience. It’s dark ruby appearance and mysterious taste makes it a great beer. Made with Fuggles hops, which sounds like something from Harry Potter, it gets better every time you drink it.

I give Hobgoblin 10 = replace my blood with this glorious liquid.

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