EuroCosplay Championships

Photography by Lin Vitali

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EuroCosplay Championships at London MCM Expo

Cosplayers selected from 23 countries in Europe competed for the chance to be crowned the European Champion at the second EuroCosplay Championships held at MCM Expo in London on the 29th of October.

EuroCosplay Championships winner and runner-ups:

The 1st Place and European Champion is Neil from England as Skeksil Chamberlin from Dark Crystal. The 2nd place went to Ronald from the Netherlands as Brother Petros from Trinity Blood. And the 3rd Place went to Estela from Spain as Pocco from Shunya Yamashita’s Sweet Dreams.

Exclusive images from EuroCosplay Championships 2011

EuroCosplay Championships 2011 - cosplayers, judges and winners

(From left to right)

Italy: Gianluca Orecchia – Warmachine (Iron Man);
Slovakia: Simona Uhocikova – Mephisto Pheles (Ao no Exorcist);
England: Niel Lockwood - Skeksil (Dark Crystal);
Finland: Aki Rauhala - Male Scout (Granado Espada);
France: Nadia Zeghloul – Lilith (Trinity Blood);
Latvia: Dmitry Osincevs – Gundam Exia (00);
Poland: Aleksandra Tora – Azriel (Castle Age);
Portugal: Sonia Alexandra - Chun Li (Street Fighter);
Lithuania: Giedrius – Araghast (Dawn of War);
Netherlands: Ronald Boom – Brother Petros (Trinity Blood);
Spain: Victoria Marquina – Avatar of Dwayna (Guild Wars);
Switzerland: Nicole Stahli – Hizaki (Versailles);
Portugal: Catia – Hera (Saint Seiya);
Estonia: Katrin Tuude – Chii (Chobits);
Sweden: Gustav Ljungdahl – Knightmare (Soul Calibur 3);
Czech: Alfred Jager – Welkin Gunther (Valkyria Chronicles);
Germany: Laura Broxkes – Ursula (The Little Mermaid);
England: Phil Warburton – Priss, (Bubblegum Crissis 2040);
Denmark: Mona Winther – Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon);
Hungary: Anett Bittner – Queen Esther (Trinity Blood);
Belgium: Idromy - Mateus (FF XII);
Spain: Estela Espinosa – Pocco (Shunya Yamashita's artbook Sweet Dreams);
Netherlands: Marijin Meijer – Kefka (Final Fantasy VI);
Hungary: Viktoria Lauko – Night elf Druid (WoW);
Judges: Jessica Campos – Pondy, Chloe Doan – Sushi Monster, Goldy;
Winner: Neil Lockwood from England and Runners-up: Ronald Boom from Netherlands, Estela Espinosa from Spain.

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