Christmas Shop Window Displays In London

Photos by Lin Vitali, review by Viveka Tizmi and James Benjamin

Christmas Windows in Central London


Images of Christmas Window Displays

In the spirit of Christmas we have selected some of the best Christmas window displays in central London. We have included the famous department stores like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods, as their story telling window displays never fail to impress, but then we also ventured out to see what stores like Primark had up in their windows. Simply put, with the exception of the big Marmite advertisement on Oxford Street, most of us will agree that London highstreets look stunning!

Harrords Fairytale Christmas Windows

Every year Harrods puts together extraordinary window displays. The displays are stunning enough to earn undivided tourist attention and captivate children's imaginations. In fact, you don't have to be a child to get lost in the fairytales. For many of us, adults, these windows are capable of bringing out our inner child... followed by our credit cards! Christmas shopping sure is a pleasure!

Harrords Christmas Window - Fairytale Cinderella Theme

Above: Harrods christmas window decorated in theme of Cinderella.

Another Harrods Christmas Window

Another Harrods Christmas window display.

Harrords, London - image3

Harrords, Knightsbridge, London

Remember Your Duty to Christmas Shopping - Selfridges

I love Selfridges Christmas windows. However, in case you forgot your duty to Christmas shopping, Selfridges will remind you. Their windows are overloaded with Christmas packages, and there are so many of them, it is very unlikely you would miss them.

The windows are gorgeous, although my grandmother had a hard time trying to understand how the displays could make sense. She thought the displays weren't well thought-through as the half-naked women wearing Agent Provocateur next to the sleigh, set in what looks like a cold winter environment, should have hard nipples. And they don't. She further proceeded to explain that people do not camp out during winters in freezing temperatures (snow = freezing), and that wooden wheels on a cart wouldn't be much good in the snow.

Yes granny, that's why we prefer the Harvey Nich's display - it's far easier to relate to a miniature pumpkin carriage!

Selfridges Christmas Window - sleigh and presents

Selfridges Christmas Window featuring a sleigh load of presents and mannequins in Agent Provocateur.

A Christmas camp-site in a Selfridges window

A Christmas camp-site in a Selfridges window.

Selfridges Christmas window - cartload of presents

Selfridges Christmas window featuring a cartload of Christmas goodies.

Christmas Party with Harvey Nichols!

Harvey Nichols windows are an elaborate contemporary affair calling for a party. Party... Party! The windows are bright, colourful and energising. They are a perfect representation of how I would want my Christmas party setting to look. Impressive.

Harvey Nichols Christmas window display

The energising Harvey Nichols Christmas window display.

Harvey Nichols, London - image2

Harvey Nichols, London.

Accessorize, London

Accessorize has a nice Christmas window display, nothing too crazy. I do like the warm feel of cosy Christmas themed accessories closet.

Accessorize Christmas window display

Accessorize Christmas window display.

Christmas Cottage with John Lewis

This is a family Christmas affair. Warm cosy country cottage. Good food. Nice Christmas music. A fireplace. And all close members of the family having a jolly good Christmas time together. This is the image I get when I look at this John Lewis window. No doubt this is a great image to have in association with Christmas and so well done John Lewis! I also like the cream colour furniture theme, and I would never have thought before that this colour (off-white) could work so well for a kitchen!

John Lewis, London

Above: John Lewis, London.

Ted Baker's Evil Snowman in a Thong!

Oh my! When I saw this corrupt-looking twisted snowman in a red thong a lot of things were raising through my mind. And hell, I couldn't stop laughing. Adding bold humour to window displays is a fine achievement; Ted Baker's snowman is my favourite conversation starter and I guarantee you, this image will stay in my head for a very long time. Ted Baker, I will remember you forever!

Ted Baker's Christmas window display

Ted Baker's Christmas window display featuring an evil-looking snowman in a thong.

Fortnum & Mason's at Christmas

Fortnum & Mason has been at the heart of London life since 1707. It is arguably the most exclusive food store in the world and the very mention of their name evokes thoughts of English establishment and quality.

At Christmas time when we want the best for our family and friends it is a great place to buy those fine items like Plum Puddings or Rum Butter. While the store is five floors of culinary finery it is the superb window display which also reflects the history of London.

The display is based on the story of Dick Whittington and his cat which was written in 1605. Dick's story has been turned into Christmas pantomimes and is much loved by children and adults alike. In this display we see the story of the poor orphan Dick coming to London to seek his fortune having heard that the roads are paved with gold. Sadly he finds hardship on the streets before he is taken in by Mr. Fitzwarren, a wealthy merchant. Dick works in the kitchen and has a dirty little room infested with rats. So Dick spends his first pennies on a cat that drives the rats away.

Fortnum and Mason Christmas window display

Fortnum and Mason Christmas window display.

The window display shows all of this, and the cat's further adventures when Mr. Fitzwarren asks his staff if they want to put anything on his next boat to Barbey that could be traded for gold. Dick hands over his cat sadly, and then runs away, however as he leaves London the bow bells tell him to go home. Meanwhile the cat is sold to the King of Barbey as he is impressed at how the cat kills rats.

Then Dick becomes rich and marries Mr. Fitzwarren's daughter and becomes Mayor of London...

Fortnum & Mason are clever in using this English folk tale, as it is historic, reflects English culture and festivities, just like the food store. The Christmas windows illustrated the tale impeccably!

Now here's a question for you. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see mice in a food store's window display?

New Look Window

New Look Christmas window display

New Look Christmas window display, Oxford Street, London.

Next Window

Next Christmas window display

Next Christmas window display.

Primark Window

Primark Christmas window display

Primark Christmas window display.

Pull And Bear Christmas Window Display

Pull And Bear Christmas window display, London

Pull And Bear Christmas window display, London.

Topshop, London Oxford Circus

Topshop Christmas window display, London

Topshop Christmas window display in London Oxford Circus.

Vodafone, London Oxford Street

Vodafone Christmas window display

Vodafone Christmas window display in London Oxford Circus.

Evens and Intimissimi Windows

Evens Christmas window display, London Intimissimi Christmas window display, London

Above left: Evens, London. Above right: Intimissimi, London

Zara Christmas window display in London

Zara Christmas window display

Above: Zara Christmas window display, London.


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